Liloe Rix


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Liloe Rix brings a smile on people’s faces and makes the world a bit more colourful with her music. Her guitar leads you through the folk/indie songs with playful melodies on top. Liloe Rix’s music is all about love, positivism and living the moment, inspired by the following quote by Albert Einstein: ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow’.

Liloe’s debut EP ‘Today’ was released in April 2015. It consists of five acoustic pop songs, where the playful mandolin-, banjo- and violin parts add a folk/country nuance. After the release Liloe Rix did a livingroom concert tour, traveling around the country to give intimate house concerts. Liloe Rix is sharing her love on stage. Her performance can easily be called a ‘one-woman-band’, where the loopstation creates an original and groovy show to listen and to watch.

In September 2017 Liloe Rix released the first single from an upcoming EP called ‘Breathe’, which had its pre-release on Radio 3FM.

‘’A new singer‬-song-looping phenomenon’’ - Geert Christenhusz


Liloe RixLiloe RixLiloe RixLiloe Rix


Management: Veselina Krasteva